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Change of Lecture Topic from Center for Coastal Studies
Posted on Feb 2nd, 2024 Comments (0)
Great Island Activities Group regrets that they have just been informed that Stormy Mayo, who was to lecture on the North Atlantic Right Whales of Cape Cod Bay, will not be able to make it on the scheduled date. He will reschedule his Whale Lecture at Great Island as soon as he is available.  Meanwhile Bryan Legare, Manager of the Shark Ecology Research Program at the Center for Coastal Studies, has agreed to come and lecture on Friday February 23rd at 7pm on his specialty – SHARKS. His talk is entitled “Shared Spaces: Understanding Shark Habitat Use and Behavior.”
The Good Neighbor Program for Winter Help
Posted on Nov 30th, 2023
The Great Island Good Neighbor Program, now in its 9th year, identifies by street fellow residents who are willing - at their discretion - to assist neighbors who may find it difficult handling some of the winter seasonal challenges such as putting out their trash bins, applying ice melt to drives, walks and front steps, and clearing snow away from gas meters and vents
The list of Good Neighbors is available under Helpful Info.